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Movement For Life by Carol Higgins

Why just walk if I can run? Why just run if I can jump? Why just jump if I can leap? Why just leap if I can dance? Why “just do” anything? Why not just do everything with as much interest, attention and engagement as I possibly can? This is not “just moving,” this is...

Journal Thoughts On PD by Carol Higgins

What really matters is not what I have but who I am. I am still me I am still the same me I was before you or I knew I had Parkinson's.   So I thought I got thrown into a club I don't want to belong to but really, I’m no different than anyone else.   I have learned...

The Dance by Carol Higgins

I'm being chased by a thief, a monster, hanging at the edges of my life, waiting to steal from me my movement my joy my smile.   In the dark of night I feel it breathing close to me waiting for the day it will overcome me.   But not today, today I am dancing for all I...

Diagnosis by Carol Higgins

What if I want to rage Like a storm at sea Against the words I heard – The firing squad.   They shot me down To great despair, ‘Progressing regression. How long not clear’.   No fear of death That is so inevitable But living into oblivion While still here Is sheer...

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