2023 Gift Guide For People With Parkinson’s

Nov 30, 2023

Gift-giving should be a joyful and fulfilling experience. If you have a person living with Parkinson’s disease on your shopping list, you may struggle to select a thoughtful gift that’s both appropriate and appreciated.

We’re here to take some mystery out of the process! There are many gifts ranging from practical to fun and luxurious that are well suited to people with PD and sure to be appreciated by a wide range of audiences.

Here’s our 2023 gift guide for people living with Parkinson’s Disease.

Practical Gifts for People with PD

Sometimes, a little practicality goes a long way. People living with Parkinson’s often experience issues with balance and grip strength, making everyday tasks such as eating or getting dressed a chore. These practical gift ideas help alleviate these struggles and contribute to a better quality of life.

Weighted Utensils

Hand tremors and weakened grip strength are common motor symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. Weighted utensils feature wide, non-slip handles and considerably more heft than standard utensils to reduce hand tremors, stabilize shaking hands, and allow for more control while eating.

Non-Skid Socks

No Skid Socks

Non-skid socks help provide grip and stability for those with balance and gait issues. They not only reduce the risk of falls but also give a cozy option for lounging around the house.

Adaptive Clothing Tools

Dressing sticks, button hooks, and zipper pulls are all useful adaptive clothing tools that simplify dressing. Many people with Parkinson’s disease struggle with dexterity, especially as the disease progresses. These tools help make getting dressed faster and easier and reduce the risk of injury.

Heating Pad

For those who suffer from muscle stiffness, body aches, and pain, a heating pad can help reduce inflammation and relieve discomfort.

Wellness Gifts for People with PD

Woman with cookbook

Diet and exercise are critical components in relieving motor and non-motor symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. Consider one of these gifts to support your friend or family member’s journey in wellness as they navigate their diagnosis.

Light Hand Weights

Regular exercise is shown to improve symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. A gift of light hand weights will help kickstart your friend or family’s fitness regimen and support important exercise habits.

Exercise Classes

There are several fantastic options for both in-person and online exercise classes targeted at people with Parkinson’s disease. Whether you’re looking for yoga, tai chi, or boxing, consider a membership or punch card for the person seeking a more active lifestyle.

Here are a few LA-based studios for consideration:

  1. Re+active Studio Group Classes
  2. Garth McLean Yoga
  3. Leen Bodies
  4. Ping Pong For Good

Additionally, find a comprehensive list of at-home fitness options here.

Mediterranean Cookbook

Research shows the Mediterranean diet is beneficial for cognitive function. With meals rich in legumes, whole grains, vegetables, and Omega-3 fatty acids, the Mediterranean diet encompasses a wide variety of nutritious and delicious options. A Mediterranean cookbook is the perfect option to spark inspiration and excitement.

Coffee Subscription

Studies show consuming caffeine enhances dopamine signaling in the brain and may alleviate the motor symptoms of PD. A coffee subscription — preferably fair trade and/or organic — is a wonderful and health-forward gift option for the coffee lover in your life.

Massage Therapy & Tools

Complementary therapies such as massage and acupuncture are wonderful options for relieving stiff and sore muscles.

Consider gifting these therapies as a gift certificate or a punch card to a local spa for continued relief.

Hand-held massagers and remote-operated leg massagers are also great for those looking to ease symptoms from the comfort of home.

Spa Gift Set

Compile a gift set of bath bombs, lavender oil, sleeping masks, and even a silk pajama set to help your person feel pampered! These are not only great for mental wellness but also promote better and deeper sleep, a common struggle for those living with PD.

Gifts For Fun & Connection

Puzzle book

Laughter, play, and connection may be the greatest gifts of all! Keep your friend or family member engaged with these gift ideas that seek to amplify their sense of playfulness and community.

Digital Picture Frame

Digital picture frames operate like a standard frame with one significant advantage — they can be updated anytime by anyone with access to the device!

This means you can regularly add new photos to your loved one’s picture frame, and they run on a continuous slideshow to display a rotating selection of images. This is a beautiful way to keep your loved one in the loop no matter where you are.

Puzzle Books

A daily puzzle book helps promote mental stimulation and bring excitement to the day. Gift one of these for the person who loves a good challenge!

Audiobook Subscription

Have an avid reader on your list? Audiobooks are an excellent hands-free option for people living with PD, suited to everything from walks around the block to road trips. Try gifting an Audible membership, which allows you to give anywhere from one to 12 months.

Smart Video-Calling Device

Smart video-calling devices make connecting with loved ones a breeze. These devices feature crystal-clear video and a host of features that make it feel like you’re in the same room.

Models such as the Amazon Echo Show grant the ability to call hands-free via voice command, making it all the easier to place a phone call.

Donate to PCLA

PCLA Donate

Still stumped about what to gift your loved one living with PD? Consider donating to PCLA on their behalf. This is a wonderful way to say “I love you” while supporting the Parkinson’s community. Donations to PCLA help fund support groups, special events, and Parkinson’s research.

Happy Holidays, and we wish you a joyful season filled with connection and wellness!

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