A Look Back At 2023 With PCLA

Dec 27, 2023

As 2023 comes to a close, we look back with gratitude for our accomplishments as a community and a non-profit organization.

This year marked several exciting shifts at PCLA, especially as we expanded our community resources via support groups and the Let’s Talk Parkinson’s education series.

2023 By The Numbers

PCLA experienced many quantifiable successes in 2023! Between various fundraising events, our Let’s Talk Parkinson’s series, and weekly support groups, we were happy to provide a diverse range of resources for the PCLA community.

Here’s a snapshot of those accomplishments:

PCLA Support Groups

  • 16 Support Groups Per Month
  • 2 Care Partner Groups
  • 2 In-Person General Support Groups
  • 2 Women’s Support Groups
  • 1 YOPD Support Group
  • 1 Men’s Support Group
  • 1,225 Attendees Per Year

LA Big 5K


9 Teams Representing PCLA

$31,582 Raised

Let’s Taco Parkinson’s Fundraising Event

Let's Taco Parkinson's

80 Attendees

$11,720 (total raised)

Let’s Talk Parkinson’s Series

20 Events Hosted

3,784 Registrants in 2023, 77,643 views via our Youtube channel

Life Beyond The Basics

Life Beyond the Basics

7 Doctors Hosted

399 Registered

Year-End Fundraiser

$73,045 Raised (to date)

YouTube Channel

YouTube Channel

In December, PCLA’s YouTube channel surpassed 5,000 subscribers! 

This is a huge and exciting win for us, as our goal is to continue spreading awareness and education about Parkinson’s disease, especially to those who otherwise do not have access to these invaluable resources.

Let’s Talk Parkinson’s Highlights

Perhaps most exciting of all was the expansion of our Let’s Talk Parkinson’s series in 2023.

It is imperative that we are a fixture in the Parkinson’s community for education and research. The LTP series allows us to invite esteemed professionals to share cutting-edge science and research on Parkinson’s disease.

Here are five highlights from the Let’s Talk Parkinson’s series in 2023.

The Latest in PD Research 2023 with Dr. Bronstein – July 27th

LTP - Bronstein

Find the YouTube Video here.

This video garnered over 43,000 views!

PCLA was thrilled to host Dr. Jeff Bronstein, MD, PhD, and director of the Movement Disorders Program at UCLA, for an overview of the latest developments in PD research.

Dr. Bronstein shared several insights into the development of Parkinson’s disease and the future of testing and treatments, particularly:

  • Studies supporting that Parkinson’s disease may develop in the gut
  • Promising diagnostic tools, including advanced testing for PD
  • Promising therapies for PD progression, including a variety of medications in trial stages
  • The positive impact of exercise on PD progression
  • Promising therapies for PD symptoms, including methods for continuous levodopa delivery and stem cell trials

Thank you, Dr. Bronstein, for educating us on the latest and greatest in PD research!

Movement Disorder Specialist Q & A – September 14th


Find the YouTube Video here.

In September, we were fortunate to be joined by a talented panel of MDS neurologists from our diverse Los Angeles institutions.

The event was an informative meet and greet designed to help people in the PCLA community connect and learn more about new doctors in the area.

A big thank you to Dr. Amir Ali Badeie (Cedars Sinai), Dr. Kathryn “Katy” Cross (UCLA), Dr. Katherine Fu (UCLA), Dr. Xenos Mason (USC), Dr. Emily Tamadonfar (USC), and Dr. Katherine Wong (USC) for taking the time to present and share their insights on Parkinson’s disease, the benefits of working with a Movement Disorder Specialist, and valuable tips for how to prepare for an MDS appointment.

Spotlight: Women’s Parkinson’s Project – August 23rd


Find the YouTube Video here.

Research into Parkinson’s disease for women has only recently gained traction. PCLA recognizes the importance of addressing the needs of all people impacted by Parkinson’s disease, which is why we were incredibly excited to invite the founders of the Women’s Parkinson’s Project for a panel discussion.

During the talk, founders Richelle Flanagan, Kat Hill, and Sree Sripathy shared the history and milestones of the Women’s Parkinson’s Project, the current state of women and PD, the unmet needs of women with PD, and the future of research for women and Parkinson’s disease.

Thank you to the founders of the Women’s Parkinson’s Project for shedding light on an incredibly important topic that we hope will considerably gain more attention in 2024.

The Latest Research from Tass Lab with Dr. Peter Tass – November 30th

LTP - Tass

Find the YouTube Video here.

Dr. Peter A. Tass has been influential in vibration therapy research for Parkinson’s disease. He’s spent years investigating and developing neuromodulation techniques for understanding and treating neurologic conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy, dysfunction following stroke, and tinnitus.

During our November Let’s Talk Parkinson’s event, we had the opportunity to hear Dr. Tass speak about the latest methods and studies in his field of research. He shared with us several insights into the science of Coordinated Reset Deep Brain Stimulation, the studies conducted on its efficacy, and the effectiveness of CR Stimulation Gloves.

Thank you, Dr. Tass, for the exciting insights into the next frontier of PD treatment!

Life Beyond The Basics Conference – December 2nd

LBB Agenda

Find the YouTube video here.

We ended the year on a high note with our 6th Annual Life Beyond the Basics Conference. The conference was one of our most highly attended and included seven renowned doctors who shared leading-edge strategies to make living with Parkinson’s easier.

A few highlights included, but were not limited to:

  • Dr. Wael El-Nachef’s discussion of the gut microbiome as it relates to Parkinson’s disease

Dr. El-Nachef dove into the research behind the different bacteria that manifest in the guts of people with PD versus those without and how this research impacts current methodologies for treating GI issues.

  • Dr. Michele Tagliati’s discussion of the latest research on Parkinson’s and insulin resistance

Dr. Tagliati explored the research on the commonalities between PD and Diabetes, how insulin resistance may play a role, and the potential for treatment.

  • Dr. Jeffrey Wertheimer’s discussion of intimacy and Parkinson’s

Intimacy and Parkinson’s are rarely discussed, making us especially grateful for Dr. Wertheimer’s presentation on the topic!

During his talk, Dr. Wertheimer discussed the importance of intimacy, the challenges faced by people with Parkinson’s and their partners, tips for rekindling the various types of intimacy, and how to deepen emotional intimacy.

We are so grateful for every presenter during this milestone event! Thanks to all who made it a huge success!

Spotlight on 2023 Sponsors

Each event was made possible by the generous support of our contributing sponsors. We could not have done it without them!

Special thanks to:



Boston Scientific

Kyowa Kirin



Thanks For Making It A Great 2023

Thank you from PCLA

To our donors, volunteers, board members, and dedicated community, we thank you for working tirelessly to spread awareness of and support for Parkinson’s disease.

Between a series of successful fundraisers, continued access to support groups, and the organization of many well-attended Let’s Talk Parkinson’s events, we are immensely proud of the work accomplished by everyone involved.

We are optimistic about our trajectory for 2024.

Happy holidays!


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