Movement For Life by Carol Higgins

Apr 22, 2020

Why just walk if I can run?

Why just run if I can jump?

Why just jump if I can leap?

Why just leap if I can dance?

Why “just do” anything?

Why not just do everything with

as much interest, attention and


as I possibly can?

This is not “just moving,” this is my Life –

my ‘one and only wild and precious life.’

And if can only walk,

I Will Walk.

Until really,

I just can’t.

Note: the phrase ‘one wild and precious life’ came to me from “The Summer Day” by Mary Oliver

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The Dance by Carol Higgins

The Dance by Carol Higgins

I'm being chased by a thief, a monster, hanging at the edges of my life, waiting to steal from me my movement my joy my smile.   In the dark of night I feel it breathing close to me waiting for the day it will overcome me.   But not today, today I am dancing for all I...

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