A Look Back at “Sunday in the Park” with PCLA

Jun 30, 2022

“Sunday in the Park” with PCLA was a huge success and brought so much joy to everyone that participated. The event occurred at Pan Pacific Park on Sunday, June 26, 2022.

What was intended to be a casual get-together turned out to be so much more! This was our first in-person meetup since 2019, so seeing the celebration of love and support for the Parkinson’s community was enthralling. The day was full of inspiration, laughter, and a place where people could connect in person instead of chatting in front of a screen.

People smiling and laughing during the Sunday in the park with PCLA event

Sunday Funday

We saw so many smiles and friendly handshakes from folks enjoying the event and all it had to offer. Community members tried the refreshments from the popcorn cart, drink station, and bicycle with a built-in freezer fill of delicious popsicles.

Man giving out a popsicle from his bike with a freezer attached

It seemed like everyone couldn’t get enough of the popsicles, which ranged from numerous unique flavors from guava to horchata. People enjoyed the treats as they shared their experiences with Parkinson’s and suggestions on how to cope.

At the PCLA booth, we gave away tee shirts and answered questions about our support groups and resources. By the end of the event, so many proudly wore the words “Connect, Support, Inspire.”

Connecting with People

Two women shaking hands

We were so happy about the turnout! Throughout the day, over a hundred people showed their support for those living with Parkinson’s.

Many approached our booth to learn how they could be more involved with PCLA. Others were excited to discover that PCLA offers events and support groups nearly every day, including fitness classes, stretching classes, dance classes, and support groups.

Patrick meeting with a group of people with Parkinson's

One particular upcoming event that people were asking a lot about was the Latest in Parkinson’s Research seminar, where Dr. Jeff Bronstein, MD, will be hosting an interactive, virtual event on July 28, 2022. So be sure to register and have your questions ready!

Two women embracing one another

Connections, Support, Inspire

The goal of the Sunday in the Park event was to bring those living with Parkinson’s disease together. When we unite, we can form new friendships and share our common struggles and suggestions for improving their quality of life.

We hope that events like this can continue spreading awareness of Parkinson’s disease, provide services for those living with it, and bring people together.

PCLA team members taking a group photo

We want to thank all those who came to the event and our sponsor of Sunday in the Park with PCLA, Amneal!

Next Steps

We hope to continue this event on an annual basis. Perhaps even twice a year. The power of coming together and engaging one another with warm smiles and laughter always provides wonders to the well-being of others and mental health.

If you’d like to find out more ways to connect with others living with Parkinson’s disease in Los Angeles, contact us at PCLA. We’d love to get to know you and provide helpful resources along the way.


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