Making the Case for Nutrition and Exercise in Parkinson’s

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About our speaker:
A San Francisco trial attorney, Jerry Hurtubise was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease and embarked on a quest to utilize his extensive knowledge from litigating head trauma cases to explore effective methods for managing his disease. Jerry’s journey led him to identify the crucial role of vigorous aerobic exercise and a brain-healthy diet in mitigating the effects of Parkinson’s. His book, “Parkinsonian Democracy,” is set in the imaginative space of the United States District Court of Public Opinion where Hurtubise conveys through the voice of the seasoned trial attorney character, Christian Cultura, compelling evidence for the critical impact of exercise and nutrition on slowing the progress of Parkinson’s disease.
Come join us to discuss Jerry’s ‘three-legged stool’ approach to dealing with his own Parkinson’s.
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