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One doctor’s visit and I was completely incapable of doing anything. Now, I was fine when I got to the office. I tried to explain to everyone that having Parkinson’s doesn’t mean I can’t get a glass of water on my own. Of Corse using a plastic tumbler would be a good idea. At the time, the only thing I was having trouble with was sleeping.  And, I was not going to ask someone to take a nap for me. Everybody was there to help. I needed help getting rid of help. Oh, let me do that for you echoed through the house. I found myself in a battle for my independence. I understand there are things I should not do. There are things I have to let go. But it feels much better when you let it go on your own instead of having it taken away from you. Each act of kindness strips away a small piece of your identity. Some things are easier than others to let go of. Smash your thumb with a hammer. After that, the only tools you use will be a pencil and a ruler. Shoot some vegetable across the table and you will soon have someone cutting your steak for you. In time, those who worried about you will have adjusted to leave room for your independence and you will find that you have an identity. It just will be different.


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