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The physical therapist said that we are going to work on my gait. I asked, “How can we work on my gate when I don’t even have a fence?” She didn’t laugh. So much for levity in the work place. I just wanted to loosen things up. I hate exercise, any form of exercise except changing channels. I know she is trying to help me. But, she is working against an entire childhood of being the last one chosen in gym class. Needless to say, I never developed an interest in sports or anything vaguely connected to sports.We go outside to walk around the block. That would have been easy to do, except I have to incorporate all the instruction I have been given for the proper way to walk with Parkinson’s.We start with long strides. The next task is to swing your arms while you maintain your stride. Now, make sure your heel strikes the ground first, Stand up straight, tuck your chin, pull your shoulders down and back, watch the sidewalk for hazards. Now, that’s a lot to keep track of and my brain runs 10 minutes slower than everybody else. I have many hurdles to jump over before I can embrace the help that is offered to me. So, when I say I’m doing the best I can, I’m really doing the best I can.

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