The Parkinson’s Community Los Angeles, presented a free retreat: “Parkinson’s: Life in Balance.” A wellness retreat for people with Parkinson’s Disease and care partners.

This retreat included a keynote presentation by Melita Petrossian, MD: Tips on Living with PD – Management of Non-Motor Systems, a focus on life improving strategies. Concurrent breakout sessions, one for people with partners, and one for care partners, will address the psychosocial daily struggles by using complementary techniques for coping, exercise and meditation.

Patrick’s “Get Ready for a Great Day Routine!”:

Patrick LoSasso, CSCS, Personal Trainer

Patrick instructed the group on his 5-Minute Morning Movement Routine to to help you start your day ready and strong.

Coping strategies for Care Partners using traditional and complementary modalities.

Kara Barton, MSW, LCSW, Clinical Instructor/Social Worker, Keck USC Medical Center

Calming the Mind for People with PD 

Marvin Belzer (MARC/Mindful Awareness Research Center)

Panel Discussion: Life Experiences & Questions

Moderated by Linda O’Connor, LCSW, Social Worker

  1. Early onset Individual’s experience with the disease
  2. Parkinson’s family with kids
  3. Proactive Individual Living with PD
Parkinson’s Community LA