In Shakin' in L.A.



I sold my car in a week after my Neurologist told me I had to stop driving. I already knew that I had difficulty controlling the car. I was just looking for something to hang it on and Parkinson’s was it. Friends and family attempted to cheer me up, but I wasn’t upset. After all, gasoline was over two dollars a gallon. I figured I was coming out ahead. Whether you are moving or not, the car is costing you money. First you buy the car. Then you need a license for the car to be on the road. If you want to take it off the road, you pay for parking. You need a license to drive the car and then you need insurance. Juxtapose that with a bus card that cost twenty dollars and it’s good for a month.  My only other expense was the Ipod I purchased for entertainment while on the bus.

Parkinson’s has benefits on the bus. Occasionally, a fragrant street person will get on the bus. Do I care? I can’t smell a thing. There have been times they sit next to me. We can carry on a conversation while the other passengers scramble to get a seat at the other end of the bus.


Parkinson’s Community LA