In Shakin' in L.A.

I’ve often thought that the people that use the handicapped equipment should design the equipment.  Unless you have spent forty-five minutes buttoning a shirt, you don’t know what we need. The button hook should come with two components: the button hook and the button unhooker. Zipper pulls are useless if you can’t put the two ends together. How about a zipper coupler? Putting on a T-shirt can be infuriating. To avoid spinning the shirt around and around looking for the armholes, I lay it out on something like a bed or chair. Arrange it front down and slide my arms into the shirt until I find the armholes. Then I can slide into it, no problem. That is unless it is a humid day or I just got out of the shower. Then, half way down, you get stuck. Your arms are stretched above your head and you can’t see a thing. Talk about the need for something like a shirt slider. Then there is the chasing of the second armhole when putting on a buttoned shirt, coat, or jacket.

Manufacturers of handicapped aids need at least one Parky test pilot.


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