Moving Forward: Learning More About Parkinson’s Disease & How it Advances

Managing motor function changes in Parkinson’s disease can be challenging and, over time, the way some medications work may change. Join us as Maria Cristina Ospina, MD, discusses how Duopa can help treat motor function changes in advanced Parkinson’s through a unique delivery system.

This event will not be recorded, so please join us live for the event!


Dr. Maria Cristina Ospina is a movement disorders neurologist in private practice. During her medical career Dr. Ospina has been active in medical research, participating in several NIH and pharmaceutical sponsored clinical trials. She has served as an investigator in the Parkinson Study Group as well as an invited speaker on a variety of topics related to movement disorders. She is trained in both the administration of botulinum toxin for dystonia, and the use of Deep Brain Stimulation. She believes in utilizing complementary modalities in Parkinson care and is an advocate for exercise to improve gait, flexibility and mood.

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